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Welcome to the Bayou State

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811 Susan Drive
Morgan City, La.

(985) 519-3644



What We Do
  • Represent organized horseshoe pitching within the state of Louisiana.
  • Provide a competitive, healthful, economical, lifetime, family sport.
  • Pitch horseshoes for health and fun!


A Family Sport

Horseshoe pitching boasts of being one of the few sports that has a world champion for men, women, boys and girls and can still be played in one's backyard. It can be played by one or more and by the young as well as the old.

Physical Fitness

In this day of weight-watching, what better way to exercise than walking, bending and reaching? These are integral parts of this great sport. Game-related injuries are rare, and doctors have repeatedly stressed the beneficial aspects of this sport.



Joining the Louisiana State Horseshoe Pitchers Association is easy and the benefits are great. We look forward to having you on our team!

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