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Do you like to play horseshoes? 

Do you want to learn how to play organized horseshoes?

...Do you like friendly and healthy competition?

Learn how to:



Scratch play

Handicap play

Get sanctioned for league and tournament play.

If you do not have horseshoes, try out different members. They will gladly let you try theirs.

League play is Tuesday nights

Most tournaments are played on Saturdays

Some state tournaments may have play on Sat and Sun

Play just tournaments or league or both. Not required to play any if you do not want to.

Men, women and youth are welcomed

Men, 18 to 64 pitch from 40 ft.

Juniors, girls and boys under 18 pitch from 30 ft.

Cadets are Juniors up to the age of 12 for the entire calendar year, and they pitch in the Junior Cadet Division at a distance of 20 ft.

Elders 65 and older pitch from 30 ft. If you are 64 and turning 65 in the same year, you can pitch from the short distance

Women pitch from 30 ft.

Louisiana and National Sanction fees are $30.00 ( one in the same )

Junior sanction fee is $ 7.00

Most tournament adult fees are $ 20.00

Junior fees are normally $7.00

Bayou Horseshoe Pitchers Association fee is $ 40.00


- 2 leagues
- Singles club Tournament
- Doubles club Tournament
- Awards
- local
- national
- Year end banquet, opportunity to win plaques, patches, shirts, parkas and jackets

Now that is cheap entertainment

Any questions, please feel free to contact any BHPA member or thru this Facebook page.

" Horseshoe Pitching " is a fun, family, healthy and life long sport

Even if you do not want to participate, Please like and share this posting.

Everyone is welcome.

" Think Ringers "

Day in The Park - 2017


St. Mary Parish President, David Hanagriff pitching
the first shoes of the 2017 season - March 18, 2017


First shoes


Faces in the crowd


Day in The Park - 2017


St. Mary Parish President, David Hanagriff pitching
the first shoes of the 2016 season - March 19, 2016


Day in the Park Peeps


A few more peeps


TV Coverage


Another pic of opening ceremonies