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Louisiana State Horseshoe Pitchers Association

Constitution and Bylaws

Amended at State Meeting, Sept. 25, 2016

Effective January 1, 2017


The name of this organization shall be known as LOUISIANA HORSESHOE PITCHERS ASSOCIATION INC commonly known as

Louisiana State Horseshoe Pitchers Association, or as the LSHPA.


The LSHPA shall be a non-profit organization whose aim is to foster and promote the sport of Horseshoe Pitching in the State of Louisiana. The LSHPA shall be a charter member of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association / NHPA and will at all times strive to meet the NHPA REQUIREMENTS TO REMAIN AN ACTIVE CHARTER.


Section 1 There shall be only one class of membership and open to any person without exception, and be an NHPA member.

Section 2 All members shall comply with the CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF THE LSHPA. Any BY-LAWS not covered by the LSHPA shall revert to the CONSTITUTION and BY- LAWS of the NHPA

Section 3 Any member in violation of the CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS shall be subject to sanction by the Rules and Disciplinary Committee by written notice. They will have 30 days to supply a written appeal to the Rules and Disciplinary Committee .


Section 1 The fiscal year shall be from January 1st to December 31st.

Section 2 All operating funds shall be obtained through; annual membership dues, tournament fees, sale of game related items, concessions, fund raisers, or any effort suitable to majority vote of the Officers which will benefit the LSHPA.

Section 3 The annual membership dues will be determined by the officer’s recommendation and a majority vote of the delegates at the State Convention

Section 4 All annual membership dues collected shall include NHPA dues, which include an insurance fee.

Section 5 All funds shall be held in the Treasury, which shall be governed by a majority vote of the officers and reported in the Annual Budget.

Section 6 The President will have the authority to sign checks up to $5,000.00 with the approval of the Secretary/Treasurer. The Secretary/Treasurer will maintain the checking account and have check signing abilities up to $2,000.00. Anything over $5,000.00 must be approved by the President and Vice-Presidents.

Section 7 The State Treasury shall always have a reserve of $1,000.00


Section 1 Elected officers are: President, 1st Vice –President, 2nd Vice-President, 3rd Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer. The Officers are charged with operation of the LSHPA and be the governing body, with the exception of the BY-LAWS and the Election of Officers. Included in the duties of the Officers are to select, appoint and oversee the positions of: Committee Chairpersons and NHPA Convention Delegates. Create an appointed position which benefit the LSHPA

Section 2 The President shall preside at all meetings and functions of the LSHPA, perform all duties incidental to the office and represent all members on a State and National level and assume duties of Chairman of Rules & Disciplinary Committee

a The president shall be authorized to sign checks, drafts and all documents which legally and financially represent the LSHPA

b The President shall report current events to the membership

c The President shall maintain communication with the NHPA

Section 3 The 1st Vice-President shall preside and perform all duties of the President in the event of his/her absence . In event the President is removed from Office the 1st Vice-President will be appointed to the office of President and assume all duties of this office

a. As Vice-President He/She shall perform all duties required by President. Will not have any check writing authorization. He will be Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee

Section 4 The 2nd Vice-President Shall be Chairman of the Tournament Committee. In addition to performing all duties required by the President. Will have no check writing authorization.

Section 5 The 3rd Vice-President shall be LSHPA Publicity Chairman and Web Site Manager. Will assist clubs to set up their own Web Site. Shall perform all duties required by the President. Will have no checking writing authorization.

Section 6 The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting all dues and monies owed to the LSHPA. Pay bills when properly verified, keep and maintain a proper set of books. Render an account when requested by the President. Provide a full yearly report at the State Convention. Shall have check writing authority.

a Take minutes at all applicable meetings and convention.

b Record all results and statistics from all LSHPA Sanctioned Tournament, and have available to all members, other state secretaries, tournament directors, publicity directors, and NATSTATS director.

c Maintain the official residence, address and/or P.O. Box of the LSHPA. Furnish the NHPA with all required reports to maintain the Charter

d Control the sale of Game Related Items

e Furnish a financial report annually

Section 7 Tournament Chairman shall be the duty of the 2nd Vice-President who shall act as a liaison between the LSHPA and the statewide clubs and tournament directors to establish a statewide tournament schedule. The duties will also include providing proper paperwork and reporting procedures to the directors. Also it will include soliciting the patches and sanction certificates from the NHPA Regional Director for the appropriate sanctioned tournament.

Section 8 Rules and Disciplinary Chairman shall be the duty of President, who shall select not less than three but not more than five members to function as a committee to review and enforce violations of the LSHPA By-Laws or general rules of decorum.

Section 9 Hall of Fame Committee Chairman shall be the duty of 1st Vice-President, who shall select not less than three, but not more than five members to serve on the committee. They will review eligible candidates and make selection for LSHPA Hall of Fame Induction. Committee will vote on this at Annual Feb meeting of LSHPA Officers. Hall of Fame inductions will occur every two years. The selection will be published in our 1st Newsletter. The Induction will be held at State Singles Tournament in odd numbered years.

Section 10 LSHPA delegates to NHPA Convention shall vote in the predetermined fashion as decided by State Officers when representing the LSHPA.

Section 11 The publishing of LSHPA Court Chatter will be Duty of the President and Secretary/Treasurer. All Clubs and members are invited to contribute.



Section 1 Nominations for elected offices shall be submitted in writing to the LSHPA Office not later than August 1 for publication and consideration of the general membership.

Section 2 The term of office for President, 2nd and 3rd Vice-Presidents is two years. Elections shall be held in even numbered years

Section 3 The term of office for 1st Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer is for two years . Election shall be held in odd numbered year

Section 4 Terms of office shall expire on December 31st of an election year, with a thirty-day transitional period.

Section 5 Election of officers will be held during the State Convention and voted on by delegates representing each Club. The number of delegates will be based on current years membership.

Section 6 Majority vote of delegates present and Proxy votes submitted will determine the election

Section 7 In event of a tie vote cast by delegates The LSHPA officers will cast a secret ballot to break tie, however the President will not vote unless a tie vote still exists. Note the officers of LSHPA should not be delegates.

Section 8 In the event of a vacancy in the office of President . The 1st Vice-President fills the position until the next election. All other vacancies will be appointed by a majority vote of the Officers until the next election.

Section 9 NHPA delegates shall be appointed by the Officers and one to be selected as the spokesperson who shall have the proxy vote for any delegate absent.



Section 1 The Officers of the LSHPA shall hold and attend two meetings annually, with the minutes recorded and reported to the membership.

Section 2 The annual Meeting shall be held during the State Convention and shall be an open Meeting but only Delegates will vote. Purpose of the meeting is to elect Officers, address proposal of amendments to Constitution and By-Laws and present reports to the membership from Officers and Committees.

a. The Annual Meeting shall be held during the State Singles Championship Tournament, which is held in fall of the year.



Section 1 All proposed changes to the Constitution and By-Laws must be submitted in writing to the LSHPA Office by August 1 for publication and consideration by the general membership.

Section 2 Changes in the Constitution and By-Laws requires a majority vote of delegates including proxies representing each Club at the LSHPA Convention during the State Singles Championship.



Section 1 The LSHPA shall hold State Championship Tournaments in Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles annually. A fourth event, to be known as the Louisiana Open, shall also be held under the direction of the LSHPA.

Section 2 To host a State Championship Tournament, a Club must make its intention known by January 1st each year. Site selection for the Tournament will be determined by the Officers of the LSHPA after all conditions for hosting same are met, and shall be on a rotating basis as determined by the Officers.

Section 3 The LSHPA will not sanction or lend its name to any tournament or organization that does not meet NHPA sanctioning standards.

Section 4 To be eligible for any State Tournament, a player must have at least two sanctioned events or 400 shoes in sanctioned events or leagues on record.

Section 5 Formats for the State held events

See Standing Rule 5


Standing Rules are for the guidance of the Executive Council (The Officers). They may be adopted, changed or suspended by a majority vote.

Rule 1 Number of delegates to the State Convention shall be determined by current Club membership as of August 1 of that year.

Delegates allowed

1 delegate for 1 thru 15 members

2 delegates for 16 thru 30 members

3 delegates for 31 thru 50 members

4 delegates for 51 thru 75 members

5 delegates for 76 thru 100 members

Rule 2 LSHPA Policy for Tournaments Sanction Fees

State Singles ---$2.00 per entry

State Doubles-- $2.00 per entry

All other Sanctioned Tournaments $1.00 per entry. League Tournaments are exempt from fee. There will be no charge for Junior or Cadet entries in any sanctioned event in the State. Please note that fees shall be included in entry fee as set by Tournament Director.

Rule 3 The LSHPA policy for furnishing funds for improvements to courts shall be as follows. Only cost of material will be considered.

If Club Spends LSHPA Contributes

$600.00 $100.00

$700.00 $200.00

$800.00 $300.00

$900.00 $400.00

$1000.00 $500.00

Rule 4 General Guidelines for State Tournaments:

a). A tie game in any match, (regulation or Championship match) will be decided by a down and back until the tie is broken, in scratch Tournaments. Ties will remain a tie in Handicap Tournaments.

b). A tie for first place in any Class after regulation play is completed will force a one game playoff match.

c). Winners in Class “B” in any State event will not move up to compete in Class “A”.

d). Ties for second and third place in any Class after regulation play is completed will be determined by head on competition first, and by ringer percentage second.(Scratch Tournaments) Points will only be a deciding factor if there is a need for a third tiebreaker. (Scratch Tournaments). Points will be the second deciding factor in Handicap Tournaments.

Rule 5 Formats for the State held events

Doubles/Mixed Doubles:

60 Shoe Games, alternate pitch, 90% handicap based on Natstats average


40 Shoe, cancellation, scratch with no mixed classes.

Louisiana Open:

40 Shoe, cancellation scratch. Classes determined by Natstat average only.

Player category ( M, W, E, Jr.) shall not be a factor in determining Classes.